Art Therapy – Healing The Soul

Art Therapy – Healing The Soul

Eklavya School Jalandhar, one of the best CBSE schools in jalandhar, gives ample opportunities to students to explore their artistic temperament.

Art (Drawing, Painting, Music. Dancing, Poetry) is a good way to relax. Painting can be therapeutic because it allows the mind to focus on the images at hand and nothing else. This focus towards one central topic relieves stress on the mind and in turn relaxes the body. This relaxation minimizes muscle soreness, joint pain, headaches and other physical ailments. The task of therapy is not to eliminate suffering but to give a voice to it, to find a form in which it can be expressed.

Art is a boundless world of imagination where the artist communicates the story of his inner world with the outer world. It is a powerful tool in the healing of the mind and body. Art in the form of painting, writing and music has been known as a greatest gift to mankind because of its emotional-healing properties.

Because of the multiple roles that art plays in one’s life, art therapy, nowdays, is a useful way to cure many mental diseases and neuroscientists, psychologists and psychiatrists recommend this method.

Art includes everything that involves using our creative mind – colours, music, painting, sculpture, books and films. Colour therapy is used to understand human emotions and bring in the necessary color in the daily life of the affected person.

Certified art therapists will typically have a comprehensive understanding of the powerful effect that the creative process can have on those in therapy. Art therapists often use psychological, spiritual, and artistic theories in conjunction with clinical techniques to achieve the desired therapeutic outcome. The approach has proven to be beneficial even for non-verbal individuals and professional artists. Common techniques used in therapy include:

Painting                                        Finger painting
Doodling                                       Scribbling
Sculpting                                      Drawing
Using molding clay                       Carving
Making pottery                             Making cards
Using textiles                               Making collages

Art therapy helps build the self-awareness and self-esteem necessary to tackle various social situations and life challenges. Art therapy can help improve symptoms related to physical and mental disorders. Among other benefits, it can help reduce pain, stress and irritability levels during recovery. Art therapy is not limited to curing just mental illness, but several studies have concluded that art therapy plays an integral role in curing Cancer, Asthma, Diabetes, Fertility issues in women, after- effects of stroke etc. Medical Science has proven that making art, drawing, painting, sculpture and collage, has a healing function that reduces the physiological stress triggered from a cancer diagnosis. However, art as therapy isn’t restricted to someone who is unwell. Interducing art in your daily life, will keep your state of mind healthy.

Paint brushes and intravenous tubes may not seem to have much in common, but the arts are increasingly regarded as a form of healing that can be as relevant to a student’s well-being as medication.

From drawing to painting, poetry to writing journals, and dance to music and song, the arts empower students to fulfill the basic human drive to create and give them a sense of possibility. Through creative expression, students regain a feeling of wholeness, individually and a part of the larger world.


There are so many uses and benefits to expressive arts therapies that can help drastically improve people’s lives for a plethora of reasons. Even if you don’t need serious help, it can be a great way to release stress after a long work week. Art therapy is a growing field that is being more widely accepted, so it is also an opportunity as a career field! Be bold, be creative, and be expressive and give art therapy a try!

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