Excellent CBSE Board Exam Results

Excellent CBSE Board Exam Results


Those Nostalgic years of schooling are sufficient enough to shape the next sixty years of your life, they say. Well indeed! Children are completely influenced by the lessons, teachings and knowledge garnered during the unforgettable school life. Every chapter, subject and standard play a vital role in building a successful individual.

Boards are one of the most relevant standards of formal education. The thought of taking the board exams gives students nightmares. They are as much scared of board exams as they are excited about their 16th birthday! However, in the end, it’s always sheer hard work that pays off in life.

Let me go to the crux of the matter now. Eklavya School Jalandhar this year gave excellent 100% result for classes 10 and 12. The students and the staff worked very hard and finally landed with an excellent result.

Our School also focuses a great deal on health and fitness. Students are agile and fit in the ground. This helped them in other academic aspects like concentration, focus, decision making, time management etc.


Students had a different view about the Board Results. One of them said,“I had perfect notes provided by my teachers, so I had a lot to study.” Another said, “I was weak in grammar and writing section but I made it to the top.” One student was clear, “Since our classes were off for revision and self-study so I devoted all my time to prepare. The school faculty helped me a lot. I had set up my mind to score 90+.”

Another student’s review was:

“I saw my mom’s face and felt that all my efforts were worth it, I could see the pride on her face. Then I went ahead to check my subject-wise marks. For once I did not believe my eyes as I saw my result!”

Parent’s Reviews

“I thank the school for all its hard work and great efforts put in for my child. I am truly obliged to the teachers who made this day possible for my child. It was really a proud moment for me. The teachers really supported my child when everyone outside had given up. Thank you very much again!”

In Nutshell, Board results are important in life but they are not your life.

Follow your heart. Study regularly. Take it easy. No academic exam has the power to end your opportunities. Keep on doing the necessary hard work. You will get a good percentage through your honest efforts.

Some exceptional results over the years:

exam results

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