Eklavya School – All India top 50

EKLAVYA SCHOOL – All India top 50

It is a proud moment to announce that EKLAVYA SCHOOL has been awarded the FUTURE 50 SCHOOLS and is now in the Top 50 Schools in India. The award was instituted by FORTUNE magazine and University with the Process Audit and evaluation being done by International auditors PWC (Price Waterhouse Coopers).

The final top 50 were selected by an eminent jury of educationists.

  • LATA VAIDYANATHAN, National Awardee, and Ex-Principal, Modern School, Barakhamba Road.
  • MS RUCHIRA GHOSH, Regional Director, South-Asia, Cambridge Assessment International Education.
  • MS PRIYAMVADA TANEJA, RM, India, Middle East & Africa, Fieldwork Education.
  • SUMER SINGH, Ex-Principal, Daly College, Indore.

It was a very rigorous and detailed evaluation process. Qualifying Schools were invited to fill out a detailed online application consisting of almost 100 questions. Each section also had a short subjective section attached. Links were provided for direct inputs from Alumni, Educators, Students, and Parents. Queries were raised and had to be suitably addressed. Above stakeholders were directly contacted by the auditors for feedback and further inputs.


From the very first batch onwards we had IIT graduates, Engineers from universities like STANFORD, Doctors; Professional sports Players, Designers working with Kulture Shop catering to Bollywood celebrities. The students have also won scholarships from various colleges in India and US, Canada, Singapore, Australia, etc. And this is just the beginning.

Our students have also cleared NTSE regional and nationals. Our students have performed equally well in Science Olympiad Foundation competitions, Sahodaya competitions and various other competitions organized by different universities. They have also participated and qualified in various sports events at District and State level, even progressing to careers in professional sports like Golf and Tennis. Recognition of our efforts has not been far behind with certificates of appreciation by honorable HRD minister, Smriti Z. Irani for two consecutive years and also by SOF.


One of our strongest USPs is our team of young, enthusiastic, qualified and tech-savvy educators who are abreast of the most recent developments and are able to engage with the students while preparing them for the change yet to come!

Our focus on the ‘Holistic’ development of the child from the very beginning has been our strength always. Along with academics, sports and co-curricular, we have a strong focus on life skills such as confidence, communication, cooperation, empathy, creativity, civic responsibility, emotional intelligence. But academic excellence and life skills do not guarantee success and happiness unless grounded in values-based life decisions.


As a school, we are strongly focused on academic excellence which is reflected in the Board results and professional success of our Alumni. Equally focused on sports we have partnered with Heritage Sports Academy for qualified and professional coaches for each individual sport. This provides ample opportunity for students who want exposure in sports and may further consider a career in professional sports.

Regular excursions and adventure camps keep the level of excitement and engagement high in the students and educators alike.

An exciting and learning experience for us was the in-house production of LION KING under the guidance of national awardee Probir Guha from Kolkata. Each and every student from primary to senior school was involved in the auditions, story writing, dialog writing, costume design, makeup and backstage, lyrics and recording of songs. Presently we have partnered with a Mumbai based Theatre group which is working with our students to expand their horizon and explore their artistic potential and calibre.

Our international school partnerships with LANGHAM SCHOOL UK, APHS UK, and FERSLEV SKOLE, Denmark have exposed our students to the academic, cultural and linguistic inputs of the western countries. Our students have formed strong bonds with these schools through student and teacher exchanges over the past several years. Our students must wear Global boots with Local roots.


To the students- I would say – Do not limit yourself; focus your energy and your potential to realize your dreams. Today the opportunities are limitless and there is a spot for everyone at the top of their own mountain!

To the Teachers – Engage, Engage, And Engage! Engage with the students, be their motivator, their guide, and facilitator. Give them direction; help them realize their full potential.

To the Parents – Have faith, have patience, and believe in your child! He will achieve success sooner or later. Inculcate values and provide a role model. Most important of all enjoy the time spent with them and have fun.

In our success story, the biggest contributors are our Alumni, Educators, Students, and Parents.

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