Initiative by Eklavya School, Jalandhar to bring children and books together by celebrating ‘International Children’s Book Day’

Initiative by Eklavya School, Jalandhar to bring children and books together by celebrating ‘International Children’s Book Day’

Do you need a great event to encourage children to get involved with reading? Save the date! April 2 is International Children’s Book Day. 2nd April is the birthday of Hans Christian Andersen’s birthday. He is the author of many famous children’s stories like The Little Mermaid and The Ugly Duckling.

The purpose of the day is to know that how reading helps an individual in his life and the educational system. So, every year Eklavya School celebrates this day to develop reading and communication skills among the children. The educators focus reading in children on various parameters like fluency, intonation, language etc.

Do you know about ‘International Children’s Book Day’?

The day is a great opportunity for the children to become book lovers, critical thinkers and the great young poets. Reading helps the children in building vocabulary and enhancing their understanding. Reading is the best way for making the productive use of time. There are variety of books available nowadays so everyone can have access to them.

How reading habit can be encouraged in children?

Various activities can be undertaken this day to make the children aware of the importance of Book Reading.

  • The children can be asked to talk about the famous authors and write their biography.
  • The students can be taken to the library to get their favourite book so that they can prepare the presentation on it.
  • Reading competitions should be held in which newspaper reading can also be encouraged to enhance their knowledge and to build love for reading among the kids.
  • Latest arrivals of the books should be shared by the educators with the children.
  • The students can be asked to create their own moral based story. It will definitely help the youngsters in value based learning.
  • The children should be free to choose the books according to their interest.

Learning outcome

Reading is a platform through which the kids get the opportunity to know about different places and to get acquaint with the culture and tradition of the people living there. The children get the knowledge about various career options available to them. Moreover, they get chance to widen their horizons by getting exposure from variety of books.

Books are the children’s best companions that make their mind peaceful by giving answers to the questions and solving their queries.

So, let’s pledge to read to our children today, tomorrow and everyday!

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