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Reading, Writing, Speaking and Many More Fun Cum Learning Activities)




Do you know which is the global language? Well, it’s English. As we all know that English is being spoken through out the world – MNC’s, Banking Sector, Shopping Complex, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Industries and many more. So, keeping in mind the importance of the English Language, EKLAVYA SCHOOL, JALANDHAR is preparing the students to converse in English all the time to build good communication skills.

As the English Language is considered as the universal language so young youth is also following the same language and they now take it as a part of their personality.

We, at Eklavya School, one of the best schools in Punjab observe the ‘English Language Day’ on 23rd April every year by paying tribute to the famous writer William Shakespeare as it’s the day when he was born.

Activities undertaken in Eklavya School are as follows:-

  • Extempore and Poem Recitation Competitions

The above competitions help the students to raise their confidence as they are to face many challenges in life ahead.


  • Preparing Flash Cards on ‘Vocabulary Words’

Hidden Talent and creativity come out of an individual while they are doing such kinds of tasks.


  • Newspaper Reading

Reading brings clarity in speech. Everyone becomes aware of what’s happening all over the world.


  • Book presentations

It’s one of the best ways of gaining knowledge in different fields as everyone can have access to the books according to their area of interest.


  • Writing Tasks

Presentation skills are very important these days. We, at Eklavya focuses on the presentation skills a lot by guiding the children and giving them various tasks. Moreover, it helps them in learning ‘Handling Of Situation’.


  • Word Train Activity on Vocabulary

As it is rightly said that “Vocabulary is a matter of word building and word using” so it helps all of us to interpret and express our thoughts.


  • Speech on the importance of the ‘English Language Day’

It’s very important to make our children aware of the importance of this day and about our famous authors and poets.


  • Talk about Sir William Shakespeare

It inspires children to know about his writings.


  • Listing Common used words

The students should make the use of various good words to improve their speech and to develop command on the language.


  • Enactments, Plays, Debates

Through enactments, plays and debates, the students are able to apply their skills to real life situations and this helps them in developing decision making power.


  • Show and Tell

It’s one of the best way to develop language among kindergarten students.


EKLAVYANS are doing all these various activities in reference to the ‘English Language Day’. The day is the best chance for all of us to develop good communication skills that can enhance our personality as it is rightly said that “The art of communication is the language of the leadership”.

 So, let’s join our hands to observe this day today, tomorrow and everyday!

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