HAPPINESS-The word itself brings a smile to the face.


HAPPINESS-The word itself brings a smile to the face


Every day we talk about Happiness, but do we really know what HAPPINESS is? Is it just a smile, giggle and laughter or something more, I mean much more.

Happiness is a state of mind. It means being calm and positive. It means a positive mindset in the present and an optimistic outlook for future. Happiness and excitement are two different things as Excitement is temporary and Happiness is continuous. Happiness is contagious; it passes from one person to another.

Happiness is an emotion like other emotions. Happiness is overcoming sadness and anxiety with a positive attitude. The whole idea is to have major part of our lives to be happy. It means having pleasurable time with family, friends and even at work place with colleagues. HAPPINESS should be the ultimate goal of life.

So the question arises – HOW TO BE HAPPY. Well, we at Eklavya School, Jalandhar follow some tips to be happy which are worth sharing.

  • Accept what comes to you and then RESPOND.
  • Stay connected to POSITIVE people.
  • Learn to APPRECIATE.
  • Offer HELP.
  • Learn a new SKILL as and when possible.
  • Take out TIME for YOURSELF.
  • Call someone to MAKE THEIR DAY.
  • Spend some time with NATURE.
  • Have a HOBBY.
  • Eat HEALTHY food and take enough SLEEP.
  • Learn from your EXPERIENCES.
  • It is ok to fail sometimes to be a WINNER.


It is rightly said that SMILE is infectious. The moment you smile, you receive a smile. A smile shows that you are optimistic. It means you are healthy – physically and emotionally. A smile is so powerful that it can cheer up not only you but also the people around you. Smile is the beginning of Happiness. Start your day with a beautiful curve called smile. Smile with your family, smile at strangers, smile at work. Appreciate others; spend more time with small kids. Their innocence will automatically make you happy. Find happiness in little things like the first shower of the rainy season, taste of your favorite ice cream, finding an old photograph, morning tea, and the list is endless. Just smile and you will feel better.


Remember, Happiness is not about avoiding adversities or difficulties but facing them confidently and winning over them. Eklavya School, Jalandhar wishes you a life full of Happiness.

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