How to Crack JEE Exams

How to Crack JEE Exams

JEE-Main is the Holy Grail amongst all the engineering entrance exams conducted in the country. With the entrance exam taking a very different approach this year, aspirants have buckled up and are preparing with a lot of determination. In Eklavya, we keep our students updated about the latest changes in Competitive exams and this is the reason Eklavya School, Jalandhar is the best school in Jalandhar City.

Without any further ado let us dig deep into a few ways by which all the hopeful JEE aspirants can prepare better. Studying Online has become an easy and accessible form of studying. JEE Mains is the first stage of JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) – the biggest National level engineering entrance. JEE Apex Board has assigned NTA (National Testing Agency) to conduct the entrance on its behalf. The performance in JEE Main is used as the basis for admission to IITs, NITs and GFTIs while the performers qualify for the second stage- JEE Advance for the admission to IIT’s.

JEE Main 2019 Highlights




Exam Name

Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main
Conducting Authority

National Testing Agency (NTA) Will be held Twice a Year

Exam Level

National Level
Category of Examination

Undergraduate (UG)

Mode of Exam

Online and Offline
Duration of Examination

3 hours

Paper I

B.Tech / B.E.
Paper II

B.Arch / B.Planning

Purpose of Examination

Qualifying examination for admissions into NITs, IITs, and GFTI.

Qualifying Test for JEE Advanced which provides admissions into IITs.

Type of Questions

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

Total Marks

Registration Period

For January  ( From Sep 1st to 30th)

  Another in  April

Total Number of Questions in Paper

90 Questions (30 Questions each in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics)
Marking Scheme

4 marks will be given for each correct answer.
1 mark will be deducted for each wrong answer.

Total Marks



Tips to get Rank under AIR 500 in JEE

  • Working hard and smart is the main factor on which scoring good rank in JEE depend on.
  • Instead of spending time, one should work on spending quality time with the concentration on studies.
  • Quality and not Quantity- this means it is not a number of hours spent to get good ranks but it is that how much you have learnt.
  • Practice mock test and analyze your mistakes. Make a list of the wrong concepts and discuss with your teacher, Co-aspirants etc before attempting the next test.
  • Keep on practicing the previous year’s papers and maintain speed in solving and while appearing JEE.
  • Give equal time to all the subjects. Give time to the easier subject first as all contain equal weightage of marks. If you find math tougher than switch to physics and chemistry portion.
  • Self confidence and positive thinking will add a positive factor on cracking JEE with good rank.

Past years JEE Papers are very important. Solve each and every question earnestly and make sure to learn the questions which you weren’t able to solve. Cross check your solutions as well as learn some new solutions given in the book.


Do’s and Don’ts

You have to spend 55 hours every week and for this, you have to sacrifice some of your time sucking activities. If you are involved in any of the following activities mentioned below, I suggest you should stop immediately:

Don’t Socialize too much: Use phone for 30 min maximum every day. Keep yourself away from discussions and don’t get into arguments with friends, parents because it will only waste your time.

Don’t spend long hours on TV, Internet and playing games: If you are too much into TV, cut down to 1 hour every day.

Don’t play outdoor sportsThose who are playing physical games a lot should reduce them. These games are very tiring.

Don’t study late night: Those who study late nights and sleep the whole day. This is a bad schedule. If you don’t sleep well in the night you will feel sleepy in the school and during the coaching classes. So best is you should sleep 7 hours any time between 10 PM to 9AM.

What should be the Strategy for JEE in last 30 Days?

You have to study with full concentration, no disturbance and continuously for 3 hour session. The idea is to simulate real exam conditions. While studying you have to create an atmosphere as if you are sitting in exam. Avoid doing the following:

  • Avoid studying while lying down on a bed. Study on a desk if you have it at home.
  • Don’t get up during 3 hrs of study session, even not for drinking water.

What’s New In JEE MAINS 2019

National Testing Agency (NTA) has taken over from CBSE and will be conducting the exam twice a year- one in January and one in April.

Mock tests will be released for candidates in August to practice.

Candidates can appear in one or both the exams and the better of two will be considered for admissions.

The exam will be held in multiple sessions.

Things To Remember:

  • Never ignore NCERT books.
  • Don’t be over confident
  • Self study is an important aspect for preparing for IIT even if you are taking coaching classes elsewhere. Regular revisions, organized and planned approach towards study, repeated attempts at mock tests, gaining firm command over fundamental concepts, clearing all your doubts and focusing on the prescribed syllabus will give you best result.

In a nutshell discipline, routine and hard work is the mantra of cracking the exam. 

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