Reading takes the free raw material of the mind and builds castles of possibilities.

"Reading takes the free raw material of the mind and builds castles of possibilities."

Reading is a multifaceted process involving word recognition, comprehension, fluency, and motivation. Reading is making meaning from print. It requires that we:

  • Identify the words in print – a process called word recognition
  • Construct an understanding from them – a process called comprehension
  • Coordinate identifying words and making meaning so that reading is automatic and accurate – an achievement called fluency

Reading is not just an important professional skill. It is also a way to enjoy informative, creative, and inspiring works of literature that enrich our life experiences.

Like any skill worth mastering, a reading habit requires time and dedication to develop. But just like an Olympian who wants to win a competition, having a goal just isn’t enough. It’s the habits you create and stick to that lead to long-term success. At Eklavya, cbse school jalandhar, we strongly abide by this principle. As Best School in Jalandhar City we understand the importance of reading.


Why should children read?

All good habits should begin from an early age, reading is no different.

  • Children are like sponge and exposing them to the world of books will ensure they become smart, inquisitive, imaginative adults. Reading tells children that there is lot more to the world than they know at present.
  • The early years are crucial for a child’s development and hence an ideal time to inculcate reading habit into children. Children who read are more likely to have a more focused attention span, grasping power and memory. This helps them in their academics as well.
  • In a recent study conducted it was found that people who start reading since their early age have better inter personal skills, vocabulary and a better hold on written and spoken language.

Children get to experience the world through the books and stories they read. A simple story like Red Riding Hood or the Snowman can teach children to become a better human and accept everyone irrespective of the differences.

Current Scenario

Today’s children are very fussy when it comes to reading. They often make excuses to get away from them and indulge in their own play. With the world rising towards technological advancements with every passing day, our little ones are only becoming dependent on technology. Their eyes are glued to screens every single day, be it watching television or playing games on mobile phones and tablets. Reading has only become restricted to their textbooks for the purpose of achieving good grades in examination.

Here are some interesting ways to inculcate the habit of reading in children.

  • Start with a mini reading habit that is almost effortless 

Get the child to read even five to ten minutes every day.

  • Increase reading habit in small steps

Once a mini reading habit is established, gradually aim to increase the time the child spends reading in each sitting.

  • Consider hobbies and personal interests.

Reading can be more interesting and satisfying when we read about topics that we care about.

  • Make reading a fun activity

As the child grows older, his/her perception of the surroundings begins to grow stronger. A one-year-old child has the ability to grasp basic sounds and visuals, so make reading a regular and fun activity.

  • Libraries are a home away from home

Libraries can be a child’s best friend if they are introduced to it at the right time.

  • Make gifting a book a habit
  • As the child’s interest in reading enlarges, surprise him/her by buying a book as a gift.
  • Introduce audio books

One book format that is becoming increasingly popular is audio books. Audio books can also introduce the child to how certain words are pronounced and strung together to form sentences.

  • Make reading social activity

Another way to cultivate a reading habit is to make it social. Start a book club for kids, so the child is encouraged to read regularly and is rewarded with fun gatherings to discuss the book.

  • Find ways to connect reading to everyday life.

It is easier to grow reading skills if you make reading a part of your daily schedule.

  • Keep a reading blog.

A reading blog is a good way to remember books enjoyed, write criticism of books you didn’t like and keep track of what you’ve already read.

  • Go to book festivals.

Book festivals are a great opportunity to learn about new authors.

  • Get the child to read newspapers

Make reading newspaper a daily habit of the child. Let the child read the topic he cares about.

  • Create a reading corner at home 

There should be a small library or a quiet corner at home for books, where both kids and adults can sit together and read.

  • Set a long term goal

Finally, another way to nurture a reading habit is to set a long-term goal. Challenge the kids to read a set number of minutes or books over the next month.


  Activities done in Eklavya School to inculcate Reading habits


  1. Newspaper Reading

The students read the newspaper on a daily basis and discuss the news with their peers.


  1. Issuing library books every month

The school issues library books to each child on monthly basis.


  1. Visit to Eklavya Library

The Eklavya library has over 5000 books on various topics including comics for the children to read. The students visit the Eklavya library twice a month. The purpose of the visit is not about checking out or buying books -- it's about being surrounded by thousands of books, touching their gorgeous pages, seeing the world of possibility in print, salivating over what there is to know and explore.


  1. Educators sharing their reading experiences with students-

The teachers act as a role model and encourage the kids to read more by telling them about their reading experiences.


  1. Teaching reading strategies.

The students are taught the skills to become a good reader on a daily basis.


  1. Participating in Online reading test.

To hone the reading skills of the students the school makes the students participate in various online reading tests like Stones to Milestone.


Keep encouraging the kids by making it a pleasant activity. Nurture it slowly and steadily as forcing can have adverse effects such as a hatred for books.  A constant effort will surely instill the love for reading in the child someday.

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