Stress Before Exam Day!! What to do?

Stress Before Exam Day!! What to do?

Do you suffer from acute anxiety on the day before exam? Do you lose your appetite and sleep and find difficulty in concentrating on studies? Don’t feel so stressed out!! Nowadays, the word stress has become synonymous for examination. So, keeping in view the exam phobia among the students, Eklavya School has given the following tips and tricks for the students of CBSE schools in Jalandhar and all over the world.

Take A Deep Breath And Relax- Simple Mantra

Being in stress during exams is all natural. It is nothing to worry about. It can be managed easily by following a simple mantra- “Take a deep breath and relax”. Yes, just breathe and let your mind to do the rest. All the students of Eklavya School do this regularly.

Stress In Not Always!!

Stress is not always negative. “Distress” (negative stress) can be changed into “Eustress”. Eustress is the positive stress which can drive you to do the challenging tasks. It can motivate you and push you towards your goal. It is the need of the hour for CBSE schools in Jalandhar to help the students to eliminate negative stress.

Focus On The Goal

The most successful mantra has already been given to manage negative stress effectively by the greatest teacher the world ever had – Guru Dronacharya. We all know how he always taught Arjuna to focus only on his goal/target i.e. bird’s eyes. So, if we keep our focus on the goal, all the distractions and negative thoughts will go away.

Writing Examination Is Not A Big Deal

Life is stressful and it will remain so. At every step, we will feel that our world is falling apart and everything is coming to an end. But, if you learn to clam yourselves in such situations and fully focus on the goal, you will feel that writing examination is not a big deal.

Eklavya School wishes all the students of CBSE school in Jalandhar and all over the world ‘All the best’ for the board exams. May you all have stress free exams.


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