Tips To Prepare For NEET Exam 2019

Tips To Prepare For NEET Exam 2019

It’s a dream for the students to crack exams like NEET in their first attempt and secure a seat in the college of their choice. It is really a heartbreaking moment for the student if he fails to qualify the competitive exam. NEET preparations tip helps the students plan an effective strategy but also score high marks. So, once again EKLAVYA School, top school in jalandhar is here to help you.

NEET remains as one of the most competitive exams in India and is a gateway to medical colleges around the country.

NEET 2018 is history, now it’s time to prepare and get ready for the 2019 attempt and for that you should know how to prepare well for that. If you don’t have a productive plan then no worries.

Students who are preparing for NEET have a lot of question in their mind. How much should we study daily? What kind of schedule we need to follow? And many more.

Well, here are the answers to your questions. You must be told to study for 10hrs daily for continuously 2 years without any day off.

Do you think that this is possible with the hectic school schedule?

Preparing for NEET does not mean that you will have to put yourself to a stop and torture yourself mentally and physically.


  • Studying Smart for an entrance exam- you should only study enough to clear the exam and get admission in a government college. It is all about reducing stress and producing results.
  • NCERT Books are enough for preparing NEET. Make sure that you don’t waste your time on chapters already prepared.
  • Coaching also plays a major role. Online coaching can also be helpful to those who don’t want to waste time in going to the institutes.
  • Watch videos of NCERT Chapters and make notes.
  • Practice test papers and give a lot of mock tests.
  • Set time limits for your mock tests. It will help you to streamline speed to complete the exam.
  • Avoid guess work. It might be risky. Leave the question completely if you are not sure.
  • Be positive which will give you a positive result at the end.
  • Most important: Stay away from DISTRACTIONS.



You have 180 minutes to complete the test. It is bifurcated it into three parts:

  • First, try to finish 90 questions of Biology (Botany & Zoology) in 50 min.
  • Then, try to finish 45 questions of Chemistry in 60 min.
  • Finally, come to physics and try finishing 45 questions in 70 min.

Each section will have 45 questions. Total number of questions will be 180.

  • Focus more on Biology portion as it has the major total of 360 marks out 720 which is really a big number and you need 530 marks to get your exam cleared so if you score 300 out of 360 marks that would be a big help to achieve the target.
  • From the coming year, you have two attempts. Make the best of this opportunity.


All the BEST!


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